Friday, November 18, 2011

Tokimeki Tonight, Volume 4 Chapter 5

The next chapter of Tokimeki is finally done! You can pick it up here.

This chapter was a fun one to translate, and the editing was MUCH easier than the previous chapter. No crazy redrawing required this time.



Anonymous said...

Thaaaank you sooo much for the hard work you're putting into this series XD can't wait for the next chapter

Anonymous said...

Another awesome job :D
You guys are amazing!!! I wish i could speak another language and not have to rely an people giving up their free time for us...

Nonetheless, GREAT JOB!!(:

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for this! Seriously, great job; I appreciate it so much (:

Catriona said...

Hi sorry if I posted already. Not sure if the last post got through. I read Tokimeki Tonight and I loveeeeeeee your translation!! Are you guys still active? Our staffs are asking me if we can scanlate the series but I am wondering if that's okay with you. We can also do a joint if you want. However I noticed your group releases once every couple of months, but we are releasing more frequent, like a chapter every 1-2 weeks. I know it's fast paced, but it brings out the popularity with frequent releases. Well feel free to email me at

Waiting for your answers!