Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Struck by Black Rain, Chapter 2 is done!

I've just finished chapter 2 of "Struck by Black Rain" and you can pick it up here.

This was a pretty interesting (but very depressing) chapter. There's a lot more talk here than in chapter 1. The letter at the end was really difficult to edit in, so my apologies if it didn't turn out perfect. I tried the best I could. :)

Also, the father character uses the expression 目くそが鼻くそを笑う ("the pot calling the kettle black") a couple of times to describe people who are prejudiced against atomic bomb victims, and I must admit I don't quite understand why he uses this phrase. My guess (and it is just that) is that he uses it to mean that those who are prejudiced could have been hit by the atomic bomb as well (and perhaps are hiding it).

And for the fans of Tokimeki Tonight, I haven't forgotten about you. I'll have a new chapter of Tokimeki ready in a few weeks.


Milo said...

Hi, I read in past comments that you wouldn't mind some help with Tokimeki Tonight. If you're interested, I would like to try a joint with you on it. Tell me and I can upload a sample of several pages from volume 5 for you. I'm experienced in editing and don't mind redrawing.


sensei 12 said...

Thanks for this chapter.
I love the style of Kuroi ame ni utarete, I love the plot and the intense rage of the artist.

Eien Ni Hen said...

@Milo - I would love some help on Tokimeki Tonight. You can email me at with some samples of your work. :)