Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tokimeki Tonight, Volume 3, Chapter 4

Volume 3, Chapter 4 of Tokimeki Tonight is finally done. It's available here.

This chapter is very text-heavy, but there are a lot of great moments in it. I love Mori's heart-to-heart talk with Ranze, and when Ranze says Youko's eyebrows make her look like Brooke Shields.

I know releases of Tokimeki have been rather sporadic, and that's because 1) each of the 4 chapters per volume is is 40-50 pages, and 2) I've been focusing on Boy Alice in Wonderland because there's only a few chapters of it left. It's finite, whereas Tokimeki is endless.

Starting with Volume 4, I'll be releasing Tokimeki in smaller chapters. There will be 8 chapters instead of 4, with about 20-30 pages apiece. This will mean smaller but more frequent releases of the series, and also that I won't feel as rushed.