Saturday, January 7, 2012

Struck by Black Rain, Chapter 3 is done!

Hi everyone, and belated Happy Holidays! Chapter 3 of Struck by Black Rain is done, and you can pick it up here.

A couple of notes about this chapter. First, I really didn't care for it as much as the previous two chapters. The characters weren't engaging, the old man's rants go on forever, and there's not much action. Still, I did my best translating and editing it.

Second, I'm not sure why Yoshimura calls his friend Outa "kacchin", but it looked like just a nickname, so I left it in.

I hope everyone enjoys this chapter despite my criticisms. Stay tuned for another chapter of Tokimeki Tonight!


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Anonymous said...

Are you the same Eien ni Hen who worked on those early volumes of Black Lagoon?

Eien Ni Hen said...

Yep, that's me. It wasn't exactly my best work, but BL was hard as hell to translate, and I miss working on it. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! I've been looking all over for you guys so I could thank you. Even though you think it wasn't your best work, I absolutely loved the translation and I think you and Vorbis did a fantastic job with it. Honestly it's probably one of the best fan translations of manga that I've seen. The scanlators who continued BL after you stopped working on it just couldn't measure up to what you two did with it. :(