Saturday, June 9, 2012

Struck by Black Rain, Chaper 4 is (finally) done!

After a long hiatus due to moving to a new apartment, illness, and various other real-life inconveniences, I'm pleased to announce that Chapter 4 of Struck by Black Rain is finished. You can pick it up here.

I enjoyed this chapter much more than the previous one. The characters were more interesting and sympathetic. I admit I teared up near the end. Also, a quick note on the chapter title. In Japanese it's 黒い蝿の叫び声に or "By/To/In the Scream of the Black Fly". However, I removed the preposition when translating the title, because in English it's meaningless without a verb attached.

I would guess the full title is supposed to be "Shaken by the Scream of the Black Fly" or something similar, but it's just a guess. So I went with "The Scream of the Black Fly" instead.

Anyway, I hope to have chapter 5 our relatively soon. Enjoy!