Monday, September 21, 2009

Boy Alice in Wonderland, Volume 2, Chapter 2

The next chapter of Boy Alice in Wonderland is finally finished! You can pick it up here.

One thing I did want to mention about this series is the use of Arisu vs. Alice. Arisu (亜利州) and Alice (アリス) are essentially two forms of the same name in Japanese. It may seem a little strange for the Prince to call the main character "Alice," whereas everyone else calls him/her "Arisu," but there are two reasons that I decided to translate it this way:

1) The difference between the two names does not translate well into English.
2) The Prince constantly refers to Arisu as a girl without any of the other main characters noticing, and refuses to acknowledge that Arisu is male. This is apparent in the original as well as the translation. So it would make sense for him to use the female version of Arisu's name, Alice.

This was a short but interesting chapter. I hope you guys enjoy it. =)