Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Rain Chapter 8 is done, meaning that Black Rain is complete!

Chapter 8 of Black Rain is finished, which ends "Struck by Black Rain." You can pick up the chapter here and download the Extras here.

This chapter is super long (about 50 pages), and I no matter how hard I worked on it, it still took me about 5 months to finish. Real life stuff just kept getting in the way, as always. :)

A note about the title for this chapter. It's actually, "By/To/In the Scream of the Black Soil." However, I removed the preposition because it's meaningless in English without a verb. This is similar to the title of Chapter 4.

I have to say I've really enjoyed translating "Struck by Black Rain." Despite its anti-American sentiments and heavy-handedness, I feel it's an important manga and a testament to the tragedy of the atomic bomb. On another note, it was quite interesting to translate a manga that's 40+ years old.
The next project I'll be taking on after the holidays is Sai Taker, which will be a complete 180 for me because it's ultra-new.

Happy Holidays from Desert Bus Translations! :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Black Rain Chapter 7 is done!

Chapter 7 of Black Rain is finished, and you can get it here!

This chapter was pretty good. It centers around a very important missing hat. I know the main character looks like one of the Village People, but don't let that throw you. The story's really good. :)

On a side note, when I was working on the part where Kitagawa gets kicked out of the main character's cab, this scene from the movie "Repo Man" kept going through my head.

Also, a brief announcement. After finishing the final chapter of Black Rain, I will be looking into translating Sai Taker, starting with Volume 1. I need something funny and lighthearted for a change. :P

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Black Rain Chapter 6 is finished!

Chapter 6 of "Struck by Black Rain" is finally done! You can download it here.

I enjoyed this chapter more than the previous one, although I found I had very little sympathy for the brother. He was a dick. :(

Also, please note this chapter contains brief nudity and some stronger-than-normal swearing.