Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Black Rain Chapter 5 is finished!

It's been awhile. I've been through a building fire, dressed up as Snake Plissken for Halloween and most recently went on a trip to San Francisco. In the middle of all this fun real-life stuff, I managed to finish Chapter 5 of Black Rain.

You can pick it up here. Please note that (like the previous chapters) this chapter has some pretty serious adult themes, including a really creepy part near the end that I won't give away.

This chapter also has tons of text, a cliche prostitute with a heart of gold, and a really unlikable pimp. I honestly can't say that I liked the story too much, but don't let that stop you from reading it (I put a lot of work into translating it). Hopefully I'll enjoy the next chapter more and be able to get it done quicker.


cowsarenice said...

Hi~ I am an admin from Friendship Scans (the one with Tokimeki Tonight), and we are going to have an online reader, so I wanted to get your permission to post your previously scanlated chapters of Tokimeki Tonight on it (you will still get the credit). Thank you :D

Eien Ni Hen said...

Sure! I'm fine with that. The more people who read Tokimeki Tonight, the better. :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't started on Black Rain yet, as I generally wait until a series is completely available in English before I read it.

I do have a question regarding its content, however: Are all these chapters related to each other, or is this series essentially a collection of oneshots connected by a theme?

ridojiri said...

um, i actually reviewed struck by black rain here:
i had thought there were only 4 chapters. now i see there are five. or are there more?

thanks for your [great] translation! no-one else would have done it.

Eien Ni Hen said...


There are a total of eight chapters in Black Rain. I read your review and really liked it, btw.

Black Rain is definitely "highly myopic" and Nakazawa really does try to emotionally manipulate the reader, but I agree that the work still has merit. :)

rhapsodyangel said...

This is a magnificent manga. When I read Nakazawa's Ore wa Mita (I Saw It), it was the first time I understood the tragedy of Hiroshima. I'd never really connected the bombing with real people, and reading/seeing an eyewitness account was edifying. Barefoot Gen and Struck by Black Rain are dark, but necessarily so. I'm so glad to see Black Rain appearing in English. It would never be accessible otherwise. So thank you a thousand times for your hard work. I'm a dedicated fan now.

Eien Ni Hen said...

@rhapsodyangel - You're very welcome! Frankly it's nice for me to translate something with a little extra historical and social value once in awhile. :)

@Anonymous - Sorry I didn't get to your comment earlier. Black Rain is a collection of 8 one shots connected by a theme, that theme being the atomic bomb and its survivors.