Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tokimeki Tonight, Volume 4, Chapter 3 is done!

Is finally finished!

After a long, unpleasant struggle, this chapter is complete and ready to read. You can pick it up here.

Please note that the second newspaper on pg. 69 isn't translated because I couldn't ready the headline on it. Everything else (besides sound effects) is translated, though. I don't like to leave text untranslated if at all possible.

I should be done with the first chapter of "Black Rain" soon, and then more Tokimeki Tonight. :D


Mierten said...

Thanks much. This is a fun series.

teh said...

thank you for the new chapter to tokimeki tonight! i really enjoy this manga a lot ^^ it's great that irl you have major projects and vacations - means things are going great for you :)

looking forward to reading black rain - it looks very interesting.

Jo said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks to the author for taking his time on this one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this in English.... Am waiting for the next chapters... Is there a way to release it faster ?

Eien Ni Hen said...

As far as a quicker way to release the chapters, you can put more hours in the day or make it so that I'm independently wealthy and don't have to work. :P

Seriously, please keep in mind that I'm one person handling both the translation and editing of Tokimeki Tonight, and that I have other projects plus RL stuff. It would be great it someone would volunteer to do the massive amounts of editing needed on Tokimeki Tonight, but until then, I work at my own pace.