Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sai Taker, Volume 1, Chapter 1 is done!

I'm happy to announce that the first chapter is finally finished. Please note that Sai Taker contains nudity and adult situations. You can download the chapter here.

It would've been done sooner, but I ran into some issues. First, the only raws publicly available online have a giant watermark on the bottom right corner of each page, which looks hideous and obscures some of the artwork. So rather than using pre-made raws, I'm going to have to buy the volumes, then scan and clean the raws myself (yay).

Second, this series requires a LOT of redrawing, so I had to cut some corners to release the chapter faster. Hopefully my editor and I can work more quickly and produce a higher-quality product with the next chapter. The translation is great, but I'll admit the cleaning and redrawing needs a little work.

Also, I want to wish my editor (and wife) a speedy recovery. She's currently recovering from Gender Reassignment Surgery. Luckily, though, she doesn't have a counter on her chest. :P

Stay tuned for more Sai Taker! :)


Jay H said...
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Jay H said...

do you currently live in japan/need someone to purchase said raws?

I currently live in japan and would be more than happy to purchase them. For free. (Assuming i can locate them)

Anonymous said...

huh, I'd kind of given up on this ever getting done when the last group died after only doing one chapter

images are a little small and the cleans are a bit blurry, but the translation actually makes sense now!

Kemm said...

It seems that first five chapters (plus a 0th chapter) have already been translated by another groups.
BTW I couldn't find in those translations any watermark on th bottom right corner...

Eien Ni Hen said...

@Jay H. - I don't live in Japan, but I managed to order all three volumes online. I've never seen the BS with the giant watermark before, and my gripe was that it caused a delay in the release. Thanks for offering your help, though. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for translating this.

Also I wish you wife the best of luck with her surgery ;3

Eien Ni Hen said...

First, thank you for the kind words about my wife's surgery. She's out of the hospital and getting back to normal. Translating has helped me deal with the stress surrounding the surgery, too. :)

RE: The small/blurry scans. I use a standard size of 750x1100 (roughly) on all my scans. I'm going to play with the denoising tool to see if I can get less blurriness on the next chapter.

RE: Other groups' scans not having the watermark. My guess is that they scanned/cleaned their own raws. The raws publicly available online were high quality, except for that &%$*! watermark. And it was on EVERY page.

I'm happy to be translating this series. It may take some time, but now that we have all three volumes purchased, my editor and I fully intend to translate all of Sai Taker. Hooray! :)

lildragon555 said...

I like it that you're picking up this series after the first group died.
However, the cleaning job was painful. It shouldn't be that blurry unless you're going overkill with the denoising tools or the scan itself was bad.
If you need help with cleaning raws, I would gladly help.

Eien Ni Hen said...

@lildragon555 - It was the first thing; I'm new to using denoising tools and there's a steep learning curve. I would love help with cleaning the raws! Please email me at wise_mage@yahoo.com and we can work something out. :)

Tuldok said...


At long last, this series is getting translated again! Thank you for picking this up.