Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tokimeki Tonight, Volume 3, Chapter 4

Volume 3, Chapter 4 of Tokimeki Tonight is finally done. It's available here.

This chapter is very text-heavy, but there are a lot of great moments in it. I love Mori's heart-to-heart talk with Ranze, and when Ranze says Youko's eyebrows make her look like Brooke Shields.

I know releases of Tokimeki have been rather sporadic, and that's because 1) each of the 4 chapters per volume is is 40-50 pages, and 2) I've been focusing on Boy Alice in Wonderland because there's only a few chapters of it left. It's finite, whereas Tokimeki is endless.

Starting with Volume 4, I'll be releasing Tokimeki in smaller chapters. There will be 8 chapters instead of 4, with about 20-30 pages apiece. This will mean smaller but more frequent releases of the series, and also that I won't feel as rushed.


teh said...

Thanks for the new chapter! This is a great series, I've enjoyed what I've read so far... and well 30 volumes is finite, kinda. >_< I'll cheer you on! Anyway don't feel rushed over the releases, just work on it and release how it suits yourselves! thanks again!

gayyoxx said...

Hi, just want to say THANK YOU! for Tokimeki Tonight scans. You do a great job here. Please continue the scan until it finishes :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting Tokimeki out there, you really have no idea how long I've been searching for something of this series. Please, take your time releasing it, I'll support til the end!

e-magazine said...

you know :D your work is really WOW !! :D in one night i already read 3 volume of the comic ^^" ~
wish i can finish it ASAP :D
the story is really interesting ^^